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Adnan Ali – President & CEO

Adnan Ali is proud to be an innovator and forefront leader in today’s luxury real estate world. His extensive real estate development experience, expansive education and inherent business sense add a high level of detail and depth to the management of all custom projects.

Adnan is a successful graduate from The British Columbia Institute of Technology with a diploma in Architectural Design and Construction. He has also graduated from Langara College with a diploma in Criminal Justice.

Adnan has managed, nurtured and grown ILA Developments, guided by three universal concepts – Integrity, Quality and Professionalism.

Having the opportunity to work with the region’s renowned and most sought-after architects and designers, as well as sophisticated clients is what allows Adnan to grow and achieve nothing short of stellar innovations with each and every project. Adnan understands that the construction of a high-end, one of a kind home requires not only extraordinary quality but also an honest, sincere, and forthcoming approach. He directly oversees every step of the process, from land acquisition to project development and client satisfaction. In an effort to provide uncompromised quality and service, Adnan has built a financially and environmentally responsible company.

ILA Developments is a fresh and innovative custom luxury home building company based in Vancouver. We have a team of highly experienced builders with a focus on professionalism, attention to detail and client satisfaction all with a personalized service.

At ILA Developments, we believe that the best luxury home builds are born out of collaborative relationships. As an established luxury builders in Vancouver, we keep our lines of communication clear and open to craft industry-leading homes to suit your needs.

As dedicated luxury home builders in Vancouver, crafting bespoke luxury homes is in our blood. By choosing ILA Developments, you’re opting for a dedicated team committed to bringing your dream to life. Get started on transforming your dream home into a reality with expert luxury home design and building services.

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Offering highly personalised bespoke services, we place great importance and commitment to building strong client relationships and tailoring our process to meet each client’s needs. We deliver a full architecture and design, home construction, interior design and turnkey styling service. Our projects combine a detail driven meticulous approach with a signature elegance and luxurious style.
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